Carly Crawford launched Distressed Vintage Couture (DVC) during her freshman year of college in 2017 with a blend of entrepreneurial spirit and practicality. Juggling the demands of college and the necessity of contributing to her expenses, Carly saw an immediate need in the fashion industry. Something women can feel comfortable in but also look cute while doing so. While scrolling through endless options of graphic tees, she realized the market predominantly catered to men, leaving a gap for stylish and feminine designs aimed at women. Inspired to fill this void, Carly turned her passion for fashion into a business venture, crafting custom graphic tees that combined vintage flair with a contemporary edge. With a unique eye for design and a ear for understanding consumer preferences, Carly's DVC quickly gained traction, resonating with a diverse clientele eager for unique, women- trendy apparel.Within a few short years, DVC has amassed an impressive customer base of over 20,000 individuals, a testament to Carly's foresight and dedication to providing quality products. What began as a side project to relieve financial pressures during her college years has evolved into a thriving business, demonstrating Carly's entrepreneurial growth and commitment to empowering women through fashion.